Episode 08 Passion & Purity of Purpose

Randy Newberg has said it multiple times. The mates you make in hunting are the most unique and strongest friends you can have. Four months ago Robbo from Bolt Action Productions suggested I reach out to a Kiwi Hunter named Jamie Carle. Life being what it is Jamie got back to me four weeks later.

We immediately hit it off. What we both valued was exactly the same. How we got there in life, a different path through different terrain, yet the same objectives.

When I started Hunting Arete I never envisioned that I would make great friends out of these discussions. My purpose was to bring great stories to other hunters. Now I find my self with a number of new, valued friends arising out of these conversations.

Jamie has a passion that I have only experienced in a dozen or so hunters. Even more, he has this ability to convey his emotions and thoughts of, and about, hunting in a unique manner that calls the listener to think what he or she values so much when they are out there in the wild or planning their next adventure.

This is the biggest discussion I have had thus far, so settle in and immerse yourself in Jamie's life and experiences. It wont be the last I talk with Mountain Man NZ.

Once again thanks for the continued support and spreading the word. And lastly, thanks Jamie for your valuable time. It is appreciated immensely.

Imagine, only 20 odd years ago, before social media and the 'net, you are a young kid and you discover in yourself this desire to hunt and pursue wild game. Yet no one in your family hunts. Where do you turn? How do you fill this burning need? This is Jamie Carle's story.

From a family farm, his Dads old forestry work colleague, to huge back pack adventures in New Zealand's Southern Alps with his best mate, the call of the hunt, the hills and the entire lifestyle is immensely strong in Jamie Carle.

His dedication to family and hunting is huge, but one takes from the other. How is it balanced? Neither of us have worked that out yet.

Maybe his old mentor Stan could shed some wisdom on that?

But from watching Jamie's videos it is clear that we should never loose touch with the connections and experiences that hunting in wild places provides us with.

For Jamie it is integral to his spirit.

Follow Jamie on Instagram @mountainman_nz

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