Episode 07 Silverton, Cervids & Capra

Just about any keen hunter that wants to go to the next level and is follower of hunting publications and social media will have heard of Michael Gibson. In episode 7 we talk to Mick about his early life, introduction to shooting through his beloved Grandfather and his journey in hunting that continues to this day.

Mick is an upstanding representative about all that is good in hunting in the South Pacific. From representing Australia in Softball, to his relentless and selective pursuit of Red Stags, the multi-day back pack hunts in the Victorian High Country after the mighty Sambar, to blown out four season tents on the West Coast of New Zealand pursuing Bull Tahr and stunning photography showing the raw emotion and beauty of the wilds we hunt, Mick is passionate, driven and solid in his beliefs.

The father of two beautiful daughters, Mick is now introducing his girls into the beauty and reality of the wilds of the bush, catching their own fish and pursuing wild game, whilst mentoring newcomers to the benefits of hunting meat for the table and the experiences for our well being.Join us in listening to Silverton, Cervids & Capra with Michael Gibson.

For some reason in Australia we love to take down tall poppies. Why? Yes there are some cocky pricks that don't really deserve respect but there are many that dedicate vast effort and time to achieving a level of success beyond what most of us ever will. Should we not be proud of these individuals? Why be envious? I say good on them. And if I want similar, well I better get off my arse and get out there and amongst it.

Mick Gibson is one of those individuals that can polarise opinions. In my experience, those opinions depend on the point of view of those looking at him. I have known Mick for about ten years now and I have never found him to be anything other than helpful, respectful and a considered thinker.

Michael is a man that has his entire hunting season planned out months ahead. Whether it is setting and checking game cameras, searching for roaring Red Stags, hiking the hills for Sambar or chasing Chamois or Tahr in the mountains of New Zealand Mick is equally at home in any terrain with a pack on his back carrying the items essential for life in the wilds.

Mick and I discuss his introduction to shooting, the early days hunting in New South Wales State Forests to his experiences in New Zealand and more.If I had to sum up Mick in one word, which would be a gross understatement, it would be RELENTLESS. Something I am sure we can all aspire to.

On Instagram Mick can be found at @gibson_hunting.

Till next time thanks for the support.

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