Episode 06 Austria to Australia

Episode 6 saw me in Sydney having a quite talk with Johannes Nothdurfter. Some of you may know Johannes as the quietly spoken Swarovski Optik rep. A consummate professional in his field of hunting optics, I have personally found Johannes to provide great advice on optics without actually pushing the Swarovski brand or disparaging the competition. Just great explanations of fine product qualities and suggestions on what is the most suitable format for your particular budget and hunting style.

Johannes is one of the most humble people I have ever spoken with. A dedicated family man that was born in an area of Austria with deep hunting traditions and family members intimately involved in those traditions, Johannes didn't  personally hunt till much later in life. His origins and late start to hunting give a unique perspective to hunting in Australia and New Zealand.

He provides some thought provoking insights into how good we have it in the South Pacific and at the same time some areas we should look to improve.

So grab a STROH and sit back and enjoy and thanks for the support.

I often find myself considering how good or bad we have it in Australia and New Zealand. When it is all said and done we are indeed fortunate to have the opportunities afforded to us by our ancestors and legislators.

After all, how would you feel seeing your loved ones facing the acts of tyrants that exist in other areas of the world?

Yet, that in no way diminishes our responsibility to act with dignity and fight the good fight for what we believe is right and just.

In listening to Johannes Nothdurfter I gained a insight into what we have that is great with hunting in Australia and what we could improve. If hunters aspired to have just half the grace and humility of Johannes' wow we could achieve unbelievable things.

I'm sure that is true of other countries such as New Zealand and North America to varying degrees. In times of increasing urbanisation and disconnection with the tangible experiences of Wild places we need to spread the word on the benefits of hunting. Next time you are enjoying the spoils of a successful hunt consider offering some of those prime cuts to a non-hunting colleague.

Till next time thanks for the support.

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