Episode 49 Protecting What We Love

Regardless of what outdoor pursuit we are involved in there are many common themes of interest and concern across them. Be it Hunting, spear fishing, fly fishing, offshore and estuarine angling, hiking, horse riding, etc. we all want to be able to continue to have access to the areas to do them and the tools of the pastime.

So why not consider the commonality not the differences?

In many areas of Australia Fly Fishers see a difference and distinction to Hunters. Yet, I and others, see it as hunting fish. Both hunting and fishing largely occurs on Public Lands by people that love the outdoors and the experiences it brings. Many of us, in both sports, are gear nuts.

And I would not hesitate to bet that all of us want the continued opportunity, access and conservation efforts to be able to participate into the future.

My thoughts, pretty simple in comparison, are echoed by those of Greg French. Or should that be the other way? Greg is a Tasmanian by birth and world renowned Fly Fisher and author on the topic.

We discuss the similarities and the complexities of conservation, preservation and protection. What is "Natural", what is "Wild" and how, why and whether we as humans should intervene to conserve and protect. After all the Earth and its environment has continually changed over billions of years.

If you want to to explore Greg's ideas more I can whole heartedly recommend reading The Imperiled Cutthroat.

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