Episode 45 Clarity on Optics with MAVEN Built.

Binoculars, Rifle and Spotting Scopes. Be you a Hunter, a Shooter or even an observer of Wildlife, where do you start in choosing your first or upgrading?

Choice will largely be dictated by budget. So how do you make your dollars translate into more time in the field, more success in meat taken or higher scores on the range?

What makes a 'brighter' scope? Where does functionality and design leave marketing hype behind? How do you decide what suits your needs? Indeed is what you think fits your needs the best option?

When KUIU hit the direct-to-consumer market they changed the hunting apparel market forever. They pioneered a successful foray into uncharted territory in the Hunting industry. Now others follow.

In optics MAVEN Built  took the first step. They were borne out of opportunity and frustration with the industry 'norm' and a attitude of 'we can do better'.

In this episode I talk with Cade from MAVEN covering all aspects of optics.

This episode ties in with the binocular comparison I completed with Edge of the Outback which you can watch on the Hunting Arete YouTube channel.

Enjoy and I hope this is of help.

Thanks for the ongoing support


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