Episode 42 Aussie Made; #1 - Boscabel Weapon Systems

Let's forget COVID.

Currently we are seeing wave of change in the geo-political scenario in the Pacific. Where does that leave us Australians  and as hunters and shooters?

Check your kit. How much is made in China? Yes, some is reasonable quality and its low cost. But why?

What if you could buy a better version that is Australian made, but it cost more. Would you? I think some of us would - think of Lithgow Firearms.

So what are the challenges to establishing locally made? What does the buyer get and how is it better?

I talk with Corey from Boscabel Weapon Systems about his journey thus far into Australian Made.

And this is just the first of revealing and speaking with Australian Manufacturers. Even if you are listening from outside Australia I think these podcasts have information that can make the International Hunting community better through supporting #LocalMade

So once again sit back, enjoy and thanks for listening.


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