Episode 04 - Silver Bullets, 25 Years of Mateship

As they often say, "25 Years, you get less for murder." Looking back it is a long time, but it passes in your memory in the blink of an eye and often seems a lot less. The experiences and the emotions in that time are all the greater for having been shared with great mates. There is little that compares to sitting back with a great rum or a smooth bourbon with good friends around a fire and reliving those momentous occasions in life.

Conversely, when the chips are down and your mate says to you on the phone "Brother I have got your back", you can pick yourself up, stand tall and battle through the tough times in life.

I am privileged to have a mate like this.

Matt and I have known each other for twenty five years this past January. We have shared the good times and the bad and been there for each other when that little extra push is required to climb out of that steep slippery gully whether that is with a Red Stag on your back or the shit in life is just piling up.

Matt and I talk about hunting together for 25 years with another good mate of mine Des. So go pour yourself a stiff one and sit back and enjoy.And once again Thanks for listening[

In Episode 4 I am joined by my very good mates Matt Hanson and Des Owens. We share a tonne in common, all fathers of two, passionate hunters, identical careers and deep and considerate thinkers. But that doesn't mean we always get on, our individual strong characters can lead to heated discussions and disagreements but this is always done with respect to each other. Something we all think is missing in many people these days; the ability to disagree but respect another persons point of view so long as the opinion is conveyed with integrity and thought, not emotive bullshit.

Des leads the conversation with Matt and myself discussing twenty five years of hunting, our evolution from just shooting ferals to hunting big mountain boars and deer, sharing great camps and funny moments.

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