Episode 39 Ryan O'Connor Life Less Ordinary

It continues to amaze me the people that I get the opportunity to talk with and who are humble enough to spend time with an ordinary bloke like me.

Yet, in this case the role was somewhat reversed. Yes I can be somewhat cynical, or maybe its just that I prefer to establish my own opinions rather than be influenced by those around me. So when Ryan first reached out to me I was stand offish at first. I did some digging and at some stage later we zoomed and arranged to do a podcast, mid-covid.

And why am I amazed? Because in the shadow of the current madness of Australia burning, COVID-19 and the working our way through the issues of balancing law enforcement, race and history I find people like Ryan O'Connor to talk with and share that conversation with you. All of my guests are level headed people, no matter what walk of life they come from or what their background is. Their culture, education, race and religon does not define them.

Their demeanour, character and approach to life and others is what maketh the individual . Ryan is yet another example of how misunderstood hunters are by main stream society and politicians.

Based in New Zealand and working in the medical field, Ryan has a passion for Rugby Union, Hunting and the betterment of human performance.

His podcast The Stag Roar; Life Less Ordinary is up to 148 episodes. The man is driven, balanced and prolific.

So once again sit back, enjoy and thanks for listening.


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