Episode 38 Thin Green Line John Nores

John Nores always had an affinity with the outdoors. Running with his siblings , 'the Wolf Pack'  he experienced the wild and everything it had to offer as a youngster.

1987 and enrolled in College studying Civil Engineering, a chance meeting with a Game Warden on a Backcountry hunt with his brother changed the path of his life forever.  That change was but the first in a fulfilling and exciting career.

He applied to be a Californian Game Warden. Five years of hard graft and study later and he was accepted as a Probationary Warden in 1992.

In a career spanning in excess of twenty years, a chance conversation with a old friend, twelve years into Johns service, changed the entire dynamic of his work and approach to environmental law enforcement.

Now retired and a resident of Montana, John gets to enjoy the wilds that he protected so fiercely during his career. Whether that be climbing the ranges in search of Elk or Mountain Goats or sitting in a blind in the snow waiting to fill a deer tag.

Yet he continues his passionate protection of the wilds and al that lives in it providing ongoing real world backed training to other Authorities and talking about the importance of wild places in public speaking engagements and on podcasts.

John has recently teamed up with ex-East Coast Warden Wayne Saunders to start their own podcast The Thin Green Line


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