Episode 34 Hunter Philosopher - Greig Caigou

Greig Caigou is oft referred to as the Hunter Philosopher.

Many years as a contributing columnist to NZ Hunter has seen his thoughts, musings and experiences read by thousands.

Greig and I dive into the rabbit warren on hunting, hunters' motivations, rewards and what the human condition can take out of it.

His show, Fresh Tracks & YouTube Channel and Podcast, HUNT TALK Radio - Randy Newberg Unfiltered, and  website all speak to the importance of Hunting and Public Lands Access in his and his family and friends lives and the ongoing health of the wildlife.

Randy shares many of his thoughts with me during this episode along with tips and tools on making a Western Hunt in the USA happen for non-residents  

Greig has hunted his entire life. His career was chosen not based on his skills, education or a long time childhood desire but what job gave him the most time off work, to hunt.

Through and through a hunter to the core, Greig has evolved and matured in his approach and motivations to the hunt, yet still remains committed to the mountains.

He has 'endured' multiple trips into New Zealand's famed Fiordland after Wapiti but is conflicted on when, why and if he will ever take another Wap.

This is his story. Yet, all of us share a commonality with the evolution of a Hunter and we could all pause to reflect on our own motivations.

I wish you all well for 2020.


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Wild Horizons. Greig Caigou

Hunting Adventures. Greig Caigou

On the Wild Edge. David Petersen

Heartsblood. David Petersen

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