Episode 33 Get Some Altitude

Dave Brinker; Father, Husband, Son, Business Man, Country Music Artist and Hunter.

Dave joins me for a conversation where we discuss the inside view of the hunting industry business and the challenges of profit vs conservation. He reveals the struggle and the courage to talk about anxiety and mens mental health and where his "happy place" is.

Then there is his passion for writing and singing Country Music.

Thanks for your valuable time Dave.

Merry Christams to all of the Hunting Arete listeners. Have a safe and happy break surrounded by friends and family.

Dave started with Sitka as employee #4. Invited into the company by establishing partner Jason Hairston. The formative years of Sitka as a start-up were tough, but likely the best learning ground for someone early in their career in business management.

GORE purchased Sitka from Jason, who went on to establish KUIU. Dave remained with Sitka till 2018. A hunter at heart and since childhood. Today he still misses Sitka but has new challenges ahead of him.

These include Dave's intense interest in Country Music, writing and publishing songs based on his experiences and thoughts, raising his kids and consulting on startup and heading into the ranges pusuing Black Tail Sitka and Elk.

Thanks for listening and the ongoing support.


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