Episode 32 Crossroads with Chris Lewis

Crossroads  - a intersection of two or more roads.

                     - a point at which a crucial decision must be made which will have far-reaching consequences.

Chris owns C.R. Lewis Contracting, a vertebrate pest management company which was borne out of his love of hunting, nature and conservation. But he will freely state that the work of pest management is not hunting. Nonetheless he remains a avid and passionate hunter that understands the passion and the balance required.

And here is the first crossroads - where hunting, conservation, shooting, pest destruction meet.

Chris shoots almost every day or night. And then there are the countless hours of follow-up work, pre- and post surveys on warrens and monitoring of dens. All to benefit the Australian environment and the farmers he contracts too.

Then and always, is the desire to hunt for himself. To fulfill those ancient attractions of the challenge of the hunt and putting meat on the table for his family.

Behind all this is a smart and considered hard working Aussie who wants only the best for the future and that of generations of hunters to come.

And there is the second crossroads. Public Lands, Privitisation, Access, Management.

Where is the balance?

I think you would all agree, a long way from where our governments believe it lies.

And Chris's thoughts...

Thanks for listening and the ongoing support.


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