Episode 28 Are You MTNTOUGH?

You've got the heavy pack on, slogging in or out of the mountains, trying to beat that weather. Or its day four in the back country and you are spent. How disappointing is it?

Did you loose the will or could your body go no further? I'm betting it was likely both.

I talk with Dustin Diefenderfer and Ara Megedichian of MTN TOUGH Fitness Lab in Montana. It is one of the only fitness facilities that I know of that focuses on fitness for the back country Hunter. Not only do their programs build strength, but they combine that with fitness and endurance whilst growing mental toughness.

And their aim is for you to be the best you can be. ALL of the time.

Check out their free program for a taste.

In these days of everything now and social media there is a few things that cannot be bought or obtained instantly - Fitness, Strength, Endurance & Mental Toughness.

These we must be worked for.

In harsh conditions and poor weather these may just be the factors that make your hunt rewarding and successful, even when it sucks at the time.

MTNTOUGH  provides tailored programs, both for the off-season and the lead-up to give you the best opportunity to be in the best shape for all of your life.

And with Modern Technology MTNTOUGH's Programs can be downloaded onto your phone with all the support of a like minded community and second-to-none videos on technical info and form.

Ara and Dustin are fair dinkum at wanting to see you ready for anything.


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