Episode 27 Life as a Government Culler

Hunting for a living. It sounds great but is it all that we think of it?

John Royle, owner of Canterbury Tahr Hung Guide, worked as a culler for Forests NZ and then continued with the New Zealand Dept. of Conservation.

We talk  about his journey of becoming a culler, the hardships and work involved and touch on the motivations and politics behind culling.

Culling wild animals was a lonely hard job, often in the toughest of terrain New Zealand has to offer. Most men did not last long in the job at all. John Royle worked over ten years all over New Zealand culling Goats, Rabbits an Wild Cattle. Eventually the gloss wore off the job and he sort to continue working in the outdoors. The logical progression was a Hunting Guide.

Below are links to a few of the books he mentioned. They are affiliate links to Amazon and cost the buyer now more but return a small commission to Hunting Arete to help with operating costs.

The Deer Wars by Graeme Caughley

Pack & Rifle by Philip Holden

Good Keen Men by Barry Crump


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