Episode 26 Inbound, Westpac Rescue Helicopter

You're out in the hills, life is grand and the adventure alone, or with mates is truly awesome. Then one slip, fall or mistake and suddenly atmosphere is deadly serious, literally.

You have the knowledge, skills and equipment 'to stem the flow & keep the air going in & out' but time is of the essence. The Golden Hour is ticking.

So what happens when you have activated a PLB, EPIRB, InReach or dialed  for emergency assistance?

Graeme Nickerson from Westpac Rescue Helicopter shares his knowledge with you.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter is a community funded charity. With thirteen bases across Australia and several in New Zealand they can use your support. Hopefully you never need the, but with out support they cant continue to operate. Support can be one off donations, weekly payroll deductions or just volunteering your time.

Westpac Rescue Australia

Westpac Rescue New Zealand

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