Episode 23 Randy Newberg - Passion. Unfiltered.

Whilst putting this Episode together something occurred to me; There are precious few events in life that you can share the emotions and experiences of, with friends and family members, across multiple generations, and all be present in the moment. Hunting is one of those experiences.

Randy Newberg's photos he sent me demonstrate this beautifully.

From a tough childhood to a successful accountant, Randy's first passion is Hunting. It is integral to his being, and everything he believes in.

Whats more all of his experiences he shows are accessible to all on Public Lands

Randy Newberg grew up with hunting and fishing pivotal to his family being fed. Those experiences became the foundation of his passion for hunting, wildlife and Public Lands access.

His show, Fresh Tracks & YouTube Channel and Podcast, HUNT TALK Radio - Randy Newberg Unfiltered, and  website all speak to the importance of Hunting and Public Lands Access in his and his family and friends lives and the ongoing health of the wildlife.

Randy shares many of his thoughts with me during this episode along with tips and tools on making a Western Hunt in the USA happen for non-residents

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