Episode 22 Fly Bow and Baby

The more I talk with people on this podcast the more I find common themes; Adventure, conservation, social media interests, character, determination and passion.

The passion always appears to have been in an individual according to their early memories. April Vokey is no different in these respects.

But to many, likely the majority of you listeners, April is totally different, at first glance. Not to state the obvious, she is a woman, a mother and a Fly Fisher. Yet the more we talked the more I found that April is so similar to me and many Hunters I know.

So in this week of International Woman's Day here is my first female guest and just by pure coincidence, not planning.Dave

April Vokey's passion for fishing started early and never diminished. Her motivations to fish and the methods she used have evolved over time much as a Hunter does.

Those motivations have been similar to what many hunters have gone through.

To follow her passion into adulthood April decided to go guiding and she established her own company Flygal.

Having fished and guided around the globe, April moved into podcasting with her podcast Anchored.

And in the last four years she has picked up a compound bow and taken the dive into hunting.

And recently April has joined the Meateater crew.

This is her story, her thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for Listening


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