Episode 21 Game Management 101

With the rut and the roar only weeks away down under in the South Pacific, have you even thought about what is the best for the deer you hunt? Is more better? What do I cull and what do let grow? If it's brown its down. Are there too many deer?

These are all valid questions and all questions the antis attack hunters on. As Roy Sloan, of FWF said back in Episode 18 'Hunters need to own the problems'.  Then what are the solutions?

This episode I talk with Cam Speedy, Kiwi Hunter and Biologist with runs on the board in non-native game management to get the low down on many of these issues.

Cam Speedy knew from a young age that he had a special connection with the land and all that lived on and from it.

Growing up involved in hunting and fishing he sought an education in Biology and continues in that field today.

Cam worked as a Game Manager in the New Zealand  Dept. of Conservation for over 10 years up to the early 2000. Since then he has worked for the ever successful Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, the Sika Foundation, a number of private businesses and continues in the field with his own business.

Cam has the passion of a Hunter, the understanding and knowledge of a biologist and knows the machinations of government departments and private enterprise.

Thanks for Listening.


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