Episode 02 - Deer and Dogs

In Episode 2 we talk with Chris Rudd on his love of hunting Deer with, and using Vizsla's.

We explore how his interest of Vizsla's came about, the trials and tribulations of learning to hunt with dogs, how and when to let them run the hunt and his move move into breeding.

Leigh from Bolt Action Productions joined me on this podcast to gain further insight into Vizsla's as he had selected a young bitch, April, from Chris's latest litter. So relax, grab a beverage and come along for the ride.Once again thanks for listening and the ongoing support.

Chris Rudd is another great selfless Australian that gave 25 years of his life serving our country in the Australian Military. He saw active duty in the worlds current hot spots. For that Chris, Hunting Arete thanks you.

Chris, and his lovely wife, now reside in beautiful Wodonga on the fringes of some of the best mountain hunting country in Australia. He and his wife breed "working" Vizslas's that his wife continues to show on the dog show circuit.

They are passionate about their canines and raise them with meticulous care.

Hunting Arete is grateful to Chris for the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences.

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