Episode 19 Traditions. Past Present & Future


Different yet the same. We come from all walks of life, pursue different game in different areas using our own individual approaches. Passion and enthusiasm are a given. Jimmy Beehag fits this mold, similar but always unique.

A Traditional Archer and Hunter, Jim shares his thoughts on the camaraderie, intensity, good times and perception of Hunting.This podcast has something for everyone, new, old, experienced, no matter your method we all share the same passion.Thanks or your time Jim.

Traditional Archery

Hunting and hunters are a broad church. All around the world, in just about any terrain and weather you could find a hunter pursuing his or her passion. Yet in this age of instant gratification hunters continue to challenge their limits. Some do it by the gear they use, the topography they hunt or the tool they carry. Why is there such a diversity amongst Hunters and what is so similar about all of us?

Bows have been around for thousands of years. And for most of that history Archers have battled, competed and hunted. In relatively recent times the Compound Bow was developed and are keenly used by many Hunters. A compound bow is extremely accurate and shoot arrows in excess of 300 foot per second.

With the availability of high tech  design, manufacture and materials what is the attraction to Traditional Archery? Probably many things. A connection with the past, simplifying a pursuit, purity and challenge. And then, to up the challenge  become a Trad Hunter.

I talk to Jimmy Beehag about his thoughts and experiences on Trad Archery Hunting, the differences and the similarities to other methods, where we are at as Hunters and how we can improve how we are viewed and understood by non-hunters.

And Listeners thanks for the continued support and spread the word on Hunting Arete.


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