Episode 17 Behind the Scenes

Hunters Rights.

What does that mean? Who works for them? Who represents us and what happens behind closed doors?

I catch up with Barry Howlett, Executive Officer, from the Australian Deer Association to get an overview of these question. Essentially it does not matter if we are listening in USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand or Canada there are different threats to the hunting adventures that we all hold near and dear to our hearts and want to pass onto our children and grand children.

These could be from outright attempts to ban hunting, restrict access to public lands or firearms, or split us into factions and have us argue amongst ourselves whilst Rome burns.Well the hard working people from Associations, Foundations and Clubs, work hard to maintain and improve our situation in all of these areas. ADA is one cog in the machine.

We should all take note and learn from what mistakes have been made and progress gained for the fickle finger of fate waits for no one. We can be involved and supportive or chuck rocks from the sidelines. Either way we write our own destiny.Ultimately any member can be involved and everyone should participate and support the organisations that best represent your interests.

Barry Howlett comes from a non-hunting family, yet something drew him into the hunting life. And this all precipitated when a mates' father invited him on a hound hunt for Sambar Deer in the Victorian High County.

Growing up with strong thoughts on injustice, the government attack on hound hunting shortly after he found his passion in life lead him onto a life of representing hunters with the Australian Deer Association.

He gives us a revealing picture of what happens behind the closed doors of government and the dirty tactics that can be used unless our reps are in there calling them to account. But the balance is delicate, play to hard and you may well find yourself shut out.

Thanks for listening, Dave

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