Episode 16 Going Long

Rifles and Accuracy.

Never a dull discussion is had on these two topics.

For Nathan Foster, the journey of discovery has been life long. He has poured everything he has into increasing his knowledge of Rifles, Maintaining and Accurizing them, Reloading Gear and Processes for Accuracy, and teaching on solid reliable shooting techniques so you can get most out of your rifle and abilities.

This lead to a website, Terminal Ballistics Research, bedding products and tips, a YouTube Channel and a series of books to assist anyone interested in improving all aspects of their involvement in shooting long guns.

Nathan's book, Practical Guide to Long Range Shooting worked wonders for my technique which has been littered with inconsistency over two decades. I am not saying that it is a panacea but the guidance provided within, sets a solid platform of principles to work from. Consistent performance and proficiency relies on continued practice and revision.I know of no other subject in hunting circles that is more controversial than guns, optics, accuracy, bullet performance and long range shooting. Nathan's books provide a great info in cutting through to the heart of the issue on these topics and arm the reader with solid base from which to progress.There is some challenging ideas and statements within both this Podcast and Nathan's books. But as they say "The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open." If nothing else you will come out of the experience with a different perspective on rifles and hunting.Above all, Nathan wants us all to get out there and have fun.

" Going Long"

To shoot long on game is a personal decision. What I see as long may be short for others. Paradoxically there are many poor shots at 60 and 70 metres.What we should all do, is support all others' individual approach to hunting. Division serves no one but those that oppose our chosen pursuit.As individuals we should all make the most concerted effort to ensure quick clean kill on whatever our chosen quarry is before in coming to a decision to squeeze that trigger. That decision making process starts with the formation of our skills and knowledge.Nathan Foster's series of books are a excellent way to begin building those foundation skills and assist in choosing the gear to achieve and maintain a proficient level of marksmanship.

Nathan joins me to talks on a broad level of subjects discussed in his books.

Thanks for listening. Dave

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