Episode 15 - It's in the Blood

Who are you as a Hunter or Huntress? Who knows what you truly think, feel and stand for?

A non-hunter sees your social media post and all sorts of misconceptions are made and incorrect conclusions jumped to. Is that fair?

Does it really matter?

I think so, and many I know feel the same. If the hunting community was understood better then we stand tall amongst others for what we believe about conservation, a good life, sustainable use, a fair go and family values.

Robbie Kroger is one of those Hunters that share my views that we need to do more in exposing our true selves, feelings and values to non-hunters for the betterment of all.Blood Origins is his concept, website and YouTube Channel. Truly something different in the Hunting Community that strips away the exterior of a individual and shows the world who Hunters honestly are.

"Its in the Blood"

The catch cry of Robbie Kroger's Blood Origins.Robbie has a family heritage stretching back two generations to when hunting was an absolute necessity to survive and on through to what is still considered the hey day of hunting on the Dark Continent. His connection is two things; his Blood, and a Letter, from his Grandfather Leo.

This story is born out of Leo's letter.

Robbie wants to change the way the Hunting Community is viewed. His passion knows no bounds yet he can convey it so well.

This is Robbie's story of opportunity, commitment, and doing something positive for what he loves and wants for his boys.

For the next generation of Hunters and Huntresses take the time and listen to what Robbie stands for.

Robbie, thanks Brother, for the time and thought provoking discussion.


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