Episode 14 - Into the Mountains

There are the stereotypes of Hunters then there is Daz Horkings.

A true gentleman that is only to happy to share his experiences, knowledge and offer advice based on countless hours in the mountains. Yes, the mountains is where Daz is truly comfortable.I met Daz through Moroka30 and have since got to know him as a dedicated outdoorsman that loves heading into the mountains to pursue Sambar for all the challenges and positive experiences the hunt provides and the perks of success. He is committed to the positive image of hunting, the lifestyle it provides and doesn't back away from a challenge.

When Daz joined the Australian Deer Association about six years ago and was initially dismayed by what he experienced he made the decision to make a difference. He nominated for a position on the committee and was duly elected.To this day Daz remains a active member within the ADA.Sit back and hear a whole lot more of Daz's story

Daz Horkings is the man behind Into the Mountains YouTube channel. He showcases his adventures in the Victorian High Country and reviews of gear and equipment that he personally, or his mates, have purchased.

Having traveled extensively around this country and across the planet the lure of the High Country keeps him coming back whether to hunt, fish or just explore new places.

In this episode we talk about his motivations, gear and the importance of Public Lands for Hunting.

Thanks once again for listening to another passionate hunters story.

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