Episode 13 - Beyond the Divide

TV in Australia, is like or not, a limited market that is all about the money it makes for the companies behind the channel. On top of this there is the public perception of programs that are screened. That is some may like a program, others do not. So to butcher a saying 'Hell hath no fury like a anti scorned'.

And as the loudest screams so often draw the attention, albeit short term, many execs, marketers and advertising agencies are adverse to touch anything nearing controversial by any segment of the community.

Add to this codes of conduct from each channels' corporate policy, and the regulators standards in Australia to actually get a Hunting program aired is a monumental task.

As many of you will know Rob Fickling and his crew have achieved this with Beyond the Divide. In episode 13, Rob and I catch up for a second chat all about Beyond the Divide, its birth, his motivation and the challenges in getting it done.

Thanks for listening. Dave

If you hunt, either as a specialist of a generalist, then watching anyone with true passion and drive for free range hunting is a great way to reset when you cant get out there and do it for yourself.

Beyond the Divide shows hunting in a positive light from locations all round the world. It incorporates local history and tradition into each episode as well as showing stunning locations and talking to passionate people both at the forefront, and behind the scenes, of all aspects of conservation, politics, guiding and associated enterprises in the hunting community.

All this is achieved by a ex-landscaper from Victoria, Rob Fickling, a man whose drive seems bottomless and whose passion burns bright. Supported by great staff like Greg Hogan, Andrew Koscielecki and Tim Nichols it makes for great viewing.

If you haven't run across Beyond the Divide because you are outside of the capital cities or even Australia and you are keen to see what it is all about Rob has had an app made to enable you to watch the program on smart phone, tablet or mirror it to you smart TV.

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