Episode 12 - The Good Royle, On Tahr.

Mountain Hunting, for me it is up there with the greatest experiences in life. The scenery, the challenging terrain, the role the weather plays on you, your gear, the hunt, your comfort and your state of mind.

It is Adventure. In its purest form.

Tahr hunting in New Zealand's South Island  is most definitely up there in what are considered benchmark mountain hunts from around the world. Have you had the opportunity? Have participated and yearn to go back? Would you want to go with your daughter or son?

For me, yes to all three.Yet there are people in the world that haven't experienced these types of things, or they value other ways of life. Is this wrong? No.

But what is wrong is when people of this ilk try to enforce their beliefs on us, Hunters, with little consideration to our values and beliefs. Especially when they dont even know what our beliefs and values are.

If you haven't heard of the proposal by the New Zealand Ardern Government to cull enormous numbers of Tahr then you should listen to this podcast. If you have heard of all the latest stuff on Tahrmageddon you should listen to this podcast.

I talk to Johnny Royle of Canterbury Tahr Hunting Guide about his knowledge and experience on this issue of the proposed Tahtr cull. Not only is John passionate about hunting and the NZ Alps he has a background of over a decade in wild animal control as a NZ Forestry Government Culler.Be involved. This is a issue that affects Public Land Hunting open to any hunter from anywhere in the world.ThanksDave

Episode 12 and I am talking about Public Land Hunting again.Is it so important? I believe so. After all we send soldiers to fight against dictators so other people can enjoy freedom.And as Andy Stumpf from Cleared Hot Podcast so rightly says - What is Freedom if you aren't out there enjoying it.

I talk with Johnny Royle about his take on the latest, ill conceived, proposal to carry out a massive Tahr cull on New Zealand's South Island. As an ex-government NZ Forestry culler and a current Hunting Guide John gives a inside look at the issues from his perspective.

Have a listen and get involved in a fight to conserve a magnificent hunting resource on public land available to any hunter from anywhere in the world.And Get the latest news on the fight from the  New Zealand Tahr Foundation.

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