Episode 10 - From the Ground Up-Moroka30

In the later half of my life time I have seen Australia loose major sectors of its manufacturing industries. Off the top of my head, some local others not, I can recall the following industries and facilities that are no longer in Australia or lie dead in the past mostly forgotten;

BHP Steelworks Newcastle, Bradford Mills, Kurri Kurri Aluminium Smelter, Holden, Ford, Bonds Clothing, Pasminco Lead & Zinc Smelter, ICAL International Combustion Limited Australia, Carrington Shipyards. I'm sure many of you can think of tens of others.

Yet, amongst the shooting and hunting scene there are those that dare to buck the trend, Lithgow Arms and the guest on Episode Ten Rob Fickling have dived head long into quality Australian developed and in some cases manufactured items.

Ten years ago , like a few dedicated hunters around the world,  Rob decided the gear available didn't suit his own needs so he ventured forth to do it his way. In Melbourne, Australia, Moroka30  was born. Although not all products are Australian made, the development is done here even down to the design and specification of the special threads going into Moroka30 materials.

Rob pushes the limits beyond what many manufacturers are willing to take on, and produces gear specifically designed and built, from the ground up, to suit the needs of Australian Hunters and adaptable to anywhere on this globe.

This episode is another story of passion, drive and dedication to meet ones own values and continue to strive to exceed them.

Moroka30 likely isn't that well known north of the NSW Victorian border in Sou-east Australia. But if you are a dedicated hunter with tough demands on your gear then the detail that the boys at Moroka30 go to provide quality service, great advice and exceptional gear is a great place for you to start.

This may sound like a ad for Moroka but credit is due where it is due. And to see Rob, Tim and Daz survive and thrive in our limited Australian hunting gear market says reams about their product, service and beliefs.The detail Rob goes into is absolutely amazing, like five years prototyping gear and design, specification and quality of the fabric they use in their clothing are just two examples of their attention to detail.

Sit back, grab a glass of your favourite poison and enjoy.

Thanks for your time Rob.

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