Episode 01 The Boys from Bolt Action Productions

Bolt Action Productions is the creation of Steve and Leigh, best mates since childhood. Their YouTube channel, of the same name, started as a place to keep and share their memories of all things to do with their true passions of hunting and fishing.

More than one of their mates said it was too good to keep hidden - so Steve went public. Everyday Bolt Action Productions receives more followers.

On a visit down south Hunting Arete caught up with the boys and discussed motivations and passion that drive their hunting and fishing, the future of hunting and why we should all care about how we portray ourselves as hunters.

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Robbo and Leigh love their hunting. Whilst they are both fathers and in their fifties, they hunt with mates that in their twenties, thirties and forties.

Their interests are as diverse as the blokes they hunt with, from shotgunning rabbits for the pot and calling in foxes with a whistle, to hiking into the backcountry of the Victorian Alps to pursue the might Sambar, or casting a lure or fly to tempt a cod or trout, their love of life, the mountains and good times with family and friends is infectious.Join us and get "infected" with Bolt Action Productions.

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