To Hunt Guided 2

January 14, 2018

typical tahr range
Tough Country

Forward ten years and I had the means to finally afford a guided hunt in New Zealand. But, maybe fortunately, being a bit of an untrusting hard arse, it fell through when I changed jobs and could not get the leave to go.

Forward another ten years, a home, a missus and two lovely kids and a number of significant hunting firsts in this decade, along with time to mellow, and I was given the impetus to make that Tahr Hunt happen. Some of you may have read of that hunt; The Furnace in Diesel & Dust. Emotional, it certainly was, yet physically and mentally testing me to my limits, and successful at the same time.

But it was significantly different in many ways to my benchmark hunts. This is what I will talk about here.

Benchmark Hunts

Another of my hunting mates, Des who I work with, often discuss the psychology of different managers we have worked for. The one thing that intrigues me most is the impression I get that some people apparently have absolutely no ability to self-assess the way they interact with others.  Don’t get me wrong I can be the most abrasive individual at times but I try and always reflect on my actions and if I realise I was wrong, I stump up and apologise. Others, well sometimes they probably needed it. Yet, certain individuals’ blithely stumble on from one poor interaction to the next leaving a trail of alienation behind them.Contrary to this is Matt; A bloke that can read an interaction, and the people in it, from a mile away. He comes up with just the right words to get a resolution. Or if not, gets the people working together rather than coming to a fist fight. And then, when needed, he has the guts to tell others to take a running jump at the moon. Yet, he is humble and knowledgeable enough to sit back and let someone else take the lead when he sees they are better suited to the task at hand.On a chilly afternoon, early July 2010 this is exactly what happened. In very high country on a property we were hunting, for the very first time, in mid-afternoon we came on the sounds of a major boar fight.

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