Portable Shooting Benches

July 5, 2020

Whether doing load development or sighting in a rifle, stability is the key to consistent results.

Stability is the key.

Think of the time you put in developing loads and tuning a rifle, be that trigger adjustment, lapping the scope rings or bedding. It can all be for nought if you cant prove the desired results as you are shooting from rickety platform.

Alternatively, going prone with a 7 pound rifle shooting 170 grain projectiles at approximately 3000 feet per second kicks the shit out of you. Yes, there is plenty that say “recoil doesnt affect me” but all the bravado in the world cant change physics.

So when Robbo from Bolt Action Productions suggested a portable bench to me I initially thought “yeah I’ve looked at these bullshit products before” but when he said I’ll send you the file and you can get it made locally my interest was piqued.

This bench cost me just under $400 to be made, including the the sheet of 18mm Marine ply.

It weighs about 18 kilograms and slots together. Packs flat on the bottom of the ute or wagon floor. And merely reverse the rear piece and the benchtop sections and it goes from right to left handed.

How easy is that.

Portable Shooting Bench.

So get a mate and go halves in the cost, hit up some local kitchen manufacturers or CNC timber fabrication shops, support your local businesses and get stable.

Here is the link to the pdf drawing that a operator can convert to be able to be used in the CNC.

PS this is all about sharing for the benefit of every hunter around the world.